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Cookies w/flavor!

"everyone deserves a cookie"!


Food Truck Events


Looking to enjoy great food? What’s better than a cookie in hand and a drink to your side. 

Everyone’s Invited!


Bring the little guy or gal and grab some neat treats!

Family Events


Family events in local parks are the best of times. Why not grab a couple of blankets or take a stroll with a nifty snack in hand? 

Privant Events!


Book us for your corporate and private events! 


"your guest's come for the event...they stay for the pastries"

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The Earlier The Better

Daily, we often run out of our signature items and we recommend contacting us as early as possible to check our location and reserve any item.


(312) 493-7005


Seven Days A Week...

7am. -?

Hours Depend On The Location

About Us

We've been at this for a minute

We started super small 16 years ago and eventhough we have a ways to go, we are proud of all of our accomplishments thus far. From trunk to truck we continue to grow. Our client base has grown leaps and bounds and we are involved with many venue's throuout the Chicagoland area. We stay commited to providing you with a quality product. We start work before the sun rises each day to ensure that every batch is as fresh as possible before it gets to you. 

Let's get this party started

From just a simple family gathering to Birthday's or Wedding's we work with you to provide that special cake  to match any theme...


Who said a cookie is just a cookie....not us...every cookie is special and should represent the occasion as such...